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Not 25% off - not 50% off... We take 100% OFF the production cost of your TV ad localization when you buy your air time with™. Our packages are budget priced for your targeted campaign.

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Advertise your motion picture locally on TV - cheap!

Target your audience locally with theater dates & locations

FREE tv ad production when you purchase air time

For each air time package you buy, we'll include TV ad localization FREE!

We'll customize your 30-second motion picture TV trailer or film ad with the name of a local theater where your film is playing - run dates - ticket info., for the low, low price of... FREE! Great graphics, perfect audio, and airings zeroed into your audience demographic and theater locations. Tape duplication, satellite uplink, traffic, schedule negotiations: EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED!

Fast, Easy - Great Looking - National or Local Airings

seen in Fortune Magazine, CNBC, FOXNews


No extra charge for rush orders.

TV Advertising Packages: Choose The Indie or The Mogul:



FREE TV AD LOCALIZATION with purchase of air time package:

  • FREE 30-second TV ad localization
  • pro script, great music
  • on-screen text special effects
  • your local dates and times
  • 1-week Blitz local air time package
  • ONLY $2,999**

FREE TV AD LOCALIZATION & MORE with purchase of air time package:

  • FREE 30-second TV ad localization -- just like The Indie
  • FREE web-ready Quicktime
    [a $149 value]
  • 2-week Blitz air time package on up to 2 different networks
  • ONLY $5,999**

Only $50 down gets you started.


  • MATINEE - Brand new, quality 30-second TV trailer, cut from your original movie or provided footage. Lots of movie magic brainpower goes into the edit. $1,999. Air time extra.
  • DOUBLE-FEATURE - Just like the Matinee, but two versions of your 30-second TV ad trailer cut from your movie, for two different areas or audiences. OR an original 60-second TV trailer. Better than studio-made, and faster. $3,998. Air time extra.
  • Quicktime® version - for your theatre venue website, newsletter or email. No distracting watermark. Use anywhere anytime, only $149
  • TOP UP YOUR TV AIRINGS [add air time], starting at just $2,999**. Extra broadcast tape, network negotiation and traffic always included.

Have a 30-second ad already? can air your commercial with the "Indie" or the "Mogul."

Is your ad 60 seconds? We highly recommend the "Mogul."

USA service only.

We're your TV Ad Autopilot!

Pay it once - set it and forget it for 1 location, 10 locations, or everywhere!

If these™ ads aren't the ticket, try this: Cheap TV Spots -

For Hollywood flair in a low cost, fully custom TV production, drop in at our sister site, Cheap TV Spots®, Award-winning Cheap TV Spots® TV commercials only look expensive, yet are indie-priced. With the Rapid-Ad™ Plus, you'll get a great looking professional 30-second TV advertisement cut from your motion picture footage, with pro voiceover, special effects and lots more, all for one low, fixed price.

* TV commercial localization for your 30-second motiion picture TV ad is included, when you purchase one of our budget-priced air time packages.

** Air time is prepaid. Networks and frequency based on target demographics and network availability.


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